Book Review Series: STILL (Book I) by Eniola Prentice

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Still takes the reader into the world of medical students. The four main characters – Sola (Fadesola), Nikky (Nike), Tayo, and Ladi- Nigerian students, each with a past or a hurt they carry with them, open the reader up to the joys, hurts and challenges of medical students, dispelling the myths and stereotypes.

 All four apply to Stedman College of Medicine in Washington DC for different reasons.  Sola, with family issues and a  dark secret that follows her from Nigeria, applies to medical school to get away from it all. It is at the College where she thought peace was finally hers that she must confront the secret buried in her soul.

 Nikky, an only child, practically smothered by her parents’ love finds an escape to the East Coast  from her home in California a welcome one.  Carefree and highly intelligent, her parents gave up their life in Nigeria for her to attend a gifted school in the United States years ago.  Her mother, Elizabeth and mother’s twin sister also named Nike are initially reluctant to let her leave,  but finally release her, only after Nikky hints she is likely to find a husband in medical school. She finds him, but he is not content to commit to her nor settle down.

 Tayo is the ‘bad boy’ of the story. Bad decisions and catastrophic consequences follow him.   Raised in a wealthy family, he wants for nothing. His partying, drinking and drug use  in his teenage years result in an unfortunate incident that follows him to Stedman  College of Medicine.  Like a magnet, he attracts every type of female. In the crevices of his mind lies  his darkest, deepest secret committed many years ago in Nigeria and covered up by his brothers.  The revelation of what he did and whom he did it to  will leave him shaken to the core, forcing him to confront his true nature.

 Ladi is the Christian brother, who has challenges too. His reason for attending medical school after so many attempts is personal. With the support of prayerful parents, he appears to be the one that will make it out in one piece. But Ladi, like everyone else has a cross he must bear.

 Still tells the stories of these four characters in a nonjudgmental manner as they grapple with emotional and physical challenges while gently leading the reader to the core of the message  – the enduring love of a heavenly Father waiting on His children to come to Him. The reader will empathize with and relate to each of these characters, cheering them from the sidelines.  This debut novel by Eniola Prentice is commendable.

About the Author

author pic Eniola Prentice was born in Lagos Nigeria where she began to pen her stories as early as nine years old, inspired by an eclectic group of writers. Her budding writing career was put in the back burner as she pursued her dream of becoming a medical doctor, completing her undergraduate degree in Chicago, Illinois and her medical degree in Washington, DC. However in the third year of medical school inspired by the holy spirit or the voices in her head (she would prefer to blame God for this one) and the unique and inspiring stories of friends that became her family in medical school she began to write her debut novel and series, Still. She hopes that her writing compels challenges, inspires people and draws people to the Christian God’s redeeming love.

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